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Our  Mission Statement

Engaging Opportunities Foundation (EOF) provides meaningful opportunities for individuals with special needs to reach their goals and greatest potential, paving the way to long-term employment while inspiring a culture of acceptance and awareness.

Our mission started in 2018 and we are continuing to make a difference for people with special needs.  EOF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization so donations are tax-deductible.  

EOF Board

  • Dan Barbee

  • Madeline Hines - Board Chair​

  • Ashley Kaylor​​

  • Margaret Mills

Your Support Matters

There are many opportunities to support our mission here at Engaging Opportunities Foundation. Your contributions are essential to our success. Whether it be donations of time, money, or other resources, each directly supports our efforts to create meaningful employment opportunities for the individuals we serve!

Contact us directly to talk about way we can partner with you: 

Email us -

Call us: 419-276-0684

Donations can be made directly at:

  • Suzanne Shimatzki - Secretary

  • ​Carla Smith - Treasurer

  • ​Diane Frazee

  • ​Mary Rizzo

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